There is nothing better than being prepared. As you all know Hurricane Irene is on her way here and it seems the city is preparing itself for possible problems. That’s good. Even if the situation is not that bad there is a feeling of “peace of mind.” I have been getting all types of tips from people about how to prepare for the worst. One good one was to fill the tub with water in case water is shut off. “You will need to flush the toilet!” I remember the first dress order I had was for 14 dresses in a store in SoHo. A few days before my delivery date a seamstress I was using had forgotten that her due date was near and was not able to complete the order. I frantically called a good friend for help and advice on how I could complete my order. He gave me a name of a very good seamstress and all was done in three days. After that I tested out 5 backup seamstresses, put them on file, and have not had to worry ever since.

Oh, for those of you who are on the “love patrol” now is the best time to meet someone “cute” in your neighborhood. (That is on the Eastern shoreline) There are tons of people in deli’s buying food and water that actually live in your neighborhood. Introduce yourself. A great way to break the ice is “talk about the weather.”